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Its a good question to ask ourselves... we all want clean, odor free air from the air conditioning and heating systems in our home or office. At home, school, work or play, the quality of the indoor air that we breath affects the way we feel.
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A/C Leak Freeze®

A/C Leak Freeze®

A/C Leak Freeze will stop small leaks of refrigerant gas in HVAC air conditioning systems, refrigeration and appliances in homes and commercial buildings. A/C Leak Freeze is suspended until it mixes with the refrigerant, activated by refrigerant escaping at the site of a leak — forming a chemical weld and sealing the leak. A/C Leak Freeze is compatible with all standard refrigerant gases. It’s polymer-free, tested to be non-clogging to the A/C compressor and recovery unit — it’s a permanent fix!
A/C Leak Freeze with Magic Frost provides all the benefits of A/C Leak Freeze plus extends compressor life and reduces noise, improves A/C system lubrication and reduces friction. It cleans and revitalizes the A/C system while reducing energy consumption. A/C Leak Freeze with Magic Frost enhances the performance of older A/C systems. A/C Leak Freeze is recommended for professional use only.

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Air Purification

Air Purification

What are you breathing?  Its a good question to ask ourselves...we all want clean, odor free air from the air conditioning and heating systems in our home or office.  At home, school, work or play, the quality of the indoor air that we breath affects the way we feel.  All of us face a variety of risks to our health as we go about our day-to-day lives.  Driving in cars, flying in planes, engaging in recreational activities, and being exposed to environmental pollutants all pose varying degrees of risk.  Some risks are simply unavoidable.
The good news is indoor air pollution is one risk that you can do something about.  We offer air purification products for standalone (room) soluitons as well as whole house / duct mount solutions.
For Additional Information, Read the EPA's: Care for Your Air: A Guide to Indoor Air Quality
C&D Valve Mfg.

C&D Valve Mfg.

C&D Valve is the leading manufacturer of refrigeration service valves specializing in providing schrader valves and access fittings to the HVAC industry. We design, manufacture, and sell brass fittings, service ports, adapters and couplers, formed tube assemblies, machined brass components and specialized HVAC/R tools.

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Run Capacitors

Run Capacitors

Capacitors are a very important component of modern HVAC & Refrigeration systems, as they are used with motors and compressors to provide the starting torque and to improved the component's running efficiency.  We offer the BEST and Most Popular Lines available today...their proven reputation for high quality & highly reliable products make them the preferred brands today!

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Start Capacitors

Start Capacitors

Choose U.S.A Start Capacitors by BMI (Barker Microfarads) are an industry preferred component when it comes to superior performance or Packard , our 'Value' series of start capacitors.
BMI's motor start capacitors are designed to work with any manufacturer's single phase motor.  These capacitors are used in starting fractional horsepower, single-phase electric motors, HVAC motors, gear motor applications and more.  The capacitors are housed in rugged plastic cases , which require no added insulation.  All are individually boxed and are UL810 Approved.



We offer definite purpose contactors that are ideal for air conditioning, heating, lighting, pools, spas, and food service equipment. Our contactors cover popular standard sizes for 1, 1.5, 2, 3, and 4-pole applications. All definite purpose contactors meet ARI 780/790 standards.
  • All Contactors are Individually Boxed
  • All Contactors meet specifications for devices up to 600 VAC
  • All Brands Carry Standard 1-Year Warranty
  • UL Rated & Approved
*Contactor selection should be based on the following criteria:  # of poles , Amp Rating and Coil Voltage.  We have a replacement contact for nearly any & every application.


Contractors , Homeowners and Building Owners have made Honewyell the World's number one thermostat choice in the industry.  In addition to thermostats Honeywell offers Residential and Commercial HVAC/R (Heating / Ventilation / Air Conditioning / Refrigeration) , Industrial and Indoor Air Quality Solutions.

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Humidity Control

Humidity Control

Controlling humidity inside the home is essential for whole home comfort, reducing health risks, and protecting the structure of the home or office and its contents.  Today's tightly built homes are great for insulation value, but that same insulation prevetns the exchange of stale indoor air for fresh outdoor air, trapping moisture from cooking, showering and more.
We offer a full line of whole-home free standing and ventilating dehumidifiers.  This combination allows us to provide effective humidity control, have the ability to provide fresh air ventilation as well as high efficiency air filtration.  Manufactured in the USA, these products are designed for the ultimate humidity control for any indoor space.
HVAC/R Equipment

HVAC/R Equipment

We specialize in Residential and Commercial HVAC/R Equipment for the lines shown below.  Whether it be a split system , package unit , or even a mini-split; we will work to provide a solution based on your needs and/or specifications. 
We offer a Variety of Models & SEER Ratings to Choose From, including but not limited to:  Mini Split Systems - ALL Air Handler Configurations:  Ceiling Cassette , Ducted , Floor & Wall Mount Air Handlers...Residential Split Systems - Condensers & Heat Pumps...Residential Package Units - Straight Cool & Heat Pump...Commercial Split Systems - Available up to 20 Tons...Commercial Package Units - Available up to 25 Tons
For Additional Information...Contact Us with your current System Model and/or Specifications.
We will provide you several options to best suit your needs.
Mini Split Systems

Mini Split Systems

samsung mini splits mitsubishi lg vrf

Mini-Split systems offer a simple solution to providing cooling in remote spaces, as well as zoning in multiple spaces.  Available in the following configurations:
  • Ducted Systems
  • Wall Mounted System
  • Cassette Systems
  • Multi-Zone Systems
  • Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) Systems
*Line sets , condensate pumps and installation accessories also available.
Contact Us for additional informaiton.


Blower motors , Condenser Motors , IHP Motors , Pool Motors and Variable Frequency Drives...Universal and OEM Replacements for nearly any application.
Many Items Ship Free in the Continental U.S....We Ship Worldwide!
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