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Refrigeration Oils

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We offer HVAC & Refrigeration Oils specifically designed for today's high performance air conditioning & refrigeration compressors and equipment.  Our oils combine excellent solubility and stability to provide excellent low temperature performance.  We offer the following oil types:  Additives , Emkarate RL Lubricants , Idemitsu PVE Lubricants , Mineral Oils , Vacuum Pump Oils , Zerol Alkylbenzene Oils as well as Miscellaneous Tools Used.

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OIL00015 Trane 300 SUS Oil...

SKU: OIL00015 | Brand: Trane

OIL00022 Trane Centrifugal Minera...

SKU: OIL00022 | Brand: Trane

OIL00048 Trane Refrigerant Lubric...

SKU: OIL00048 | Brand: Trane

OIL00315 Trane 120 POE Oil...

SKU: OIL00315 | Brand: Trane
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