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1172550 , Carrier / ICP OEM Furnace Control Board

SKU: 1172550 | Brand: Carrier / ICP
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Carrier / ICP OEM Furnace Control Board
Part # 1172550
  • Furnace Control Board
  • Dimensions (LxW): 7 1/8" x 5 1/16"
  • 5-Amp Fuse
  • 1-Year Warranty
Replaces / Supersedes:   L45-308 , Potter & Brumfield, T77V1D10-24, 10A @ 120VAC, 30VDC RES., 700514, 0728, HK42FZ018 4407, 073022, HSCI, CEPL130590-01, CEBD430590-10A, T9AV5D22-22, 07254, 07251, T9AV5D22-22-03, Tyco / Electronics, T7CS5D-12, 12V, 0722, 0 08 23960 26696 1, Fast OEM Parts, H/4, Replacement Components Division, Factory Authorized Parts, 0 06 62441 49900 5, Carrier Corpoartion, Control Furnace 1-STG, CEPL130590-01-I and others.
Commonly found in ICP Models:  C8DNL050B12B1, C8DNL050B12B2, C8DNL075B12B1, C8DNL075B12B2, C8DNL075F16B1, C8DNL075F16B2, C8DNL100F14B1, C8DNL100F14B2, C8DNL100L20B1, C8DNL100L20B2, C8DNL125L20B1, C8DNL125L20B2, C8MPL050B12B1, C8MPL050B12B2, C8MPL075B12B1, C8MPL075B12B2, C8MPL075F16B1, C8MPL075F16B2, C8MPL100F20B1, C8MPL100F20B2, C8MPL100J20B1, C8MPL100J20B2, C8MPL125J20B1, C8MPL125J20B2, C8MPN050B12B1, C8MPN050B12B2,C8MPN075B12B1, C8MPN075B12B2, C8MPN075F16B1, C8MPN075F16B2, C8MPN100F14B1,C8MPN100F14B2, C8MPN100F20B1, C8MPN100F20B2, C8MPN100J20B1, C8MPN100J20B2, C8MPN125J20B1, C8MPN125J20B2, C8MPN150J20B1, C8MPN150J20B2, C9MPD050F12C1, C9MPD050F12C2, C9MPD075F12C1, C9MPD075F12C2, C9MPD080J16C1, C9MPD080J16C2, C9MPD100J14C1, C9MPD100J14C2, C9MPD100J20C1, C9MPD100J20C2, C9MPD125L20C1, C9MPD125L20C2, H8DNL050B12B1, H8DNL050B12B2, H8DNL075B12B1, H8DNL075B12B2, H8DNL075F16B1, H8DNL075F16B2, H8DNL100F14B1, H8DNL100F14B2, H8DNL100L20B1, H8DNL100L20B2, H8DNL125L20B1, H8DNL125L20B2, H8MPL050B12B1, H8MPL050B12B2, H8MPL075B12B1, H8MPL075B12B2, H8MPL075F16B1, H8MPL075F16B2, H8MPL100F20B1, H8MPL100F20B2, H8MPL100J20B1, H8MPL100J20B2, H8MPL125J20B1, H8MPL125J20B2, H8MPN050B12B1, H8MPN050B12B2, H8MPN075B12B1, H8MPN075B12B2, H8MPN075F16B1, H8MPN075F16B2, H8MPN100F14B1, H8MPN100F14B2, H8MPN100F20B1, H8MPN100F20B2, H8MPN100J20B1, H8MPN100J20B2, H8MPN125J20B1, H8MPN125J20B2, H8MPN150J20B1, H8MPN150J20B2, H8UH5050B12C2, H8UH5075B12C2, H8UH5100F14C2, H8UH5125J20C2, H8UH5140J20C2, H9MPD050F12C1, H9MPD050F12C2, H9MPD075F12C1, H9MPD075F12C2, H9MPD080J16C1, H9MPD080J16C2, H9MPD100J14C1, H9MPD100J14C2, H9MPD100J20C1, H9MPD100J20C2, H9MPD125L20C1, H9MPD125L20C2, HL12H3TRC2, HL18H3TRC2, HL25H3TRC2, HL31H4TRC2, HL34H5TRC2, MUF050W3C2, MUF075W3C2, MUF100W3C2, MUF125W5C2, MUF140W5C2, N8MPL050B12B1, N8MPL050B12B2, N8MPL075B12B1, N8MPL075B12B2, N8MPL075F16B1, N8MPL075F16B2, N8MPL100F20B1, N8MPL100F20B2, N8MPL100J22B1, N8MPL100J22B2, N8MPL125J20B1, N8MPL125J20B2, N8MPL125J22B1, N8MPL125J22B2, N8MPN050B12B1, N8MPN050B12B2, N8MPN075B12B1, N8MPN075B12B2, N8MPN075F16B1, N8MPN075F16B2, N8MPN100F14B1, N8MPN100F14B2, N8MPN100F20B1, N8MPN100F20B2, N8MPN100J22B1, N8MPN100J22B2, N8MPN125J20B1, N8MPN125J20B2, N8MPN125J22B1, N8MPN125J22B2, N9MP1040B08C2, N9MP1050B12C1, N9MP1050B12C2, N9MP1060B12C2, N9MP1075B12C1, N9MP1075B12C2, N9MP1080F16C1, N9MP1080F16C2, N9MP1100F14C1, N9MP1100F14C2, N9MP1100J20C1, N9MP1100J20C2, N9MP1125J20C1, N9MP1125J20C2, N9MP2050B12C1, N9MP2050B12C2, N9MP2075B12C1, N9MP2075B12C2, N9MP2080F16C1, N9MP2080F16C2, N9MP2100F14C1, N9MP2100F14C2, N9MP2100J20C1, N9MP2100J20C2, N9MP2125J20C1, N9MP2125J20C2, N9MPD040F08A2, N9MPD050F12A1, N9MPD050F12A2, N9MPD060F12A2, N9MPD075F12A1, N9MPD075F12A2, N9MPD080J16A1, N9MPD080J16A2, N9MPD100J14A1, N9MPD100J14A2, N9MPD100J20A1, N9MPD100J20A2, N9MPD125L20A1, N9MPD125L20A2, T8DNL050B12B1, T8DNL050B12B2, T8DNL075B12B1, T8DNL075B12B2, T8DNL075F16B1, T8DNL075F16B2, T8DNL100F14B1, T8DNL100F14B2, T8DNL100L20B1, T8DNL100L20B2, T8DNL125L20B1, T8DNL125L20B2, T8MPL050B12B1, T8MPL050B12B2, T8MPL075B12B1, T8MPL075B12B2, T8MPL075F16B1, T8MPL075F16B2, T8MPL100F20B1, T8MPL100F20B2, T8MPL100J20B1, T8MPL100J20B2, T8MPL125J20B1, T8MPL125J20B2, T8MPN050B12B1, T8MPN050B12B2, T8MPN075B12B1, T8MPN075B12B2, T8MPN075F16B1, T8MPN075F16B2, T8MPN100F14B1, T8MPN100F14B2, T8MPN100F20B1, T8MPN100F20B2, T8MPN100J20B1, T8MPN100J20B2, T8MPN125J20B1, T8MPN125J20B2, T8MPN150J20B1, T8MPN150J20B2, T9MPD050F12C1, T9MPD050F12C2, T9MPD075F12C1, T9MPD075F12C2, X8MPN075B12A1, X8MPN075B12A2, X8MPN075B12A3, X8MPN150J20A1, X9MPD075F12B1, X9MPD075F12B2, X9MPD075F12B3, Z8MPN075B12A1, Z9MP1075B12B1 , Carrier ,  ICP and other systems.
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