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Insta-Seal Direct Inject Gun

SKU: IS-TOOL | Brand: Enviro-Safe
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Insta-Seal Direct Inject allows you to install any Enviro-Safe Direct Inject , Sensible , Nu-Calgon , Xantus , Vapco Express Seal and similar product into your home A/C with the same tool in a matter of seconds. This tool allows you to install the Direct Inject into all systems, even if the system is empty or full of product. The gun can also be used to unplug blocked condensate lines with the included rubber fitting adapter.

Insta-Seal Direct Inject Gun with Accessories # ISTOOL  /  IS-TOOL
Features & Specifications
  • ISTOOL includes:
    • (1) Direct Inject Gun
    • (2) Disposable CO2 cartridges
    • (1) Adapter for condensate lines up to 3/4"
Watch our video to see how easy InstaSeal Direct Inject is to use!

1. Unscrew cap and insert cartridge with the narrow end up.
2. Without depressing trigger, screw cartridge slowly into the cap until cartridge punctured pin. You will hear a slight air release sound.
3. Quickly and firmly screw the unit together. NOTE: Not completely screwing the unit together may result in escaping gas.
4. Depress trigger to discharge the CO2 cartridge.

NOTE:  DO NOT activate trigger until both ends of Direct Inject hose are connected.  DO NOT use with Enviro-Safe 30 ton direct inject products.  CO2 cylinders are at 3000 psi and are food grade, dry CO2.  *Enviro-Safe InstaSeal / Direct Inject products sold separately.
Replaces / Supersedes:   Magnum D.I. # 9990 IS TOOL ISTOOL IS-TOOL Gallo Gun Uniweld USI4EZ , Yellow Jacket 69562 GG1 GG-1 Trane TOL01532 TOL-1532 TOL1751 TOL-1751 TOL1751 Xantus XP Inject Tool VAPCO Express Seal and Others.
Additional Coil Repair & Sealants Available...Contact Us  for a Price Quote
Click on any of the links below to download associated documentation.

» InstaSeal Brochure.pdf

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