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SKU: SYNERGY | Brand: Ultravation
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Ultravation® Synergy is a Whole House Air Purifier with MULTIPLE technologies combined in one unit - 3X Photocatalytic Oxidation , Super Efficient (LONG-LASTING) UVLED and 8-PIN Ionization.   Designed for all HVAC Systems up to 5-tons.
ULTRAVATION Synergy Air Purifier # SYNERGY
  • Good for Residential , Commercial & Industrial Applications
  • Eliminates Odors , Kills Germs , Reduces Allergens , Sterilized Mold Spores , Removes Smoke
  • HVAC Sync - Extends Module Life when Installed to Cycle with Fan , Can Also Operate 24/7
  • Unified UVLED & Ionizer Module -> 4-Year Lifespan
Product Specifications
  • 24VAC Voltage , .96 Amps , 23 Watt Power Usage
  • LIFETIME Enclosure & Carbon Panel Warranty , 2 Year Module Warranty
  • Replacement Cell:  UVLED
Replaces / Supersedes:   Guardian Air Units , REME Units , REME-LED , Catalyst PhotoMax and others
PROP 65 Warning LabelWARNING:  CA Residents: Prop 65 Warning(s) - For more information go to
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» Ultravation Synergy Brochure.pdf
» Ultravation Synergy Tech Sheet.pdf

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